Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oh, Canada on Canada Day

"It was a warm and sultry evening on 21st Avenue...." We were at Julie's for last night's discussion about Canada by Richard Ford. I can't comment much because I didn't read it. It was a good discussion none-the-less. Perhaps I will listen to the audio version someday. Julie made banana splits; YUMMY! So, for next time I proposed a novel idea. I had recommended a 'fun' apocalyptic novel entitled 'Dies the Fire'. I say fun because it isn't nearly as dark as 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy that we read a few years back. Last night Rhonda suggested "One Second After" with a similar theme. I suggested that we split into two groups with each group reading one or the other. We can compare and contrast this genre; let's boldly go where this bookclub has never gone before! If you think of interesting questions to pose for the discussion write them down and bring them to the next meeting at Jim's house on August 14th!