Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lamb search at Aunties

A) Aunties has one used copy, one new copy and one Audio CD version.

B) County Library has one CD copy and 3 books.

(it's a race!)

Review of Lamb

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Lamb The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore List Price: $13.95Pages: 464Format: PaperbackISBN: 0380813815Publisher: Perennial
The birth of Jesus has been well chronicled, as have his glorious teachings, acts, and divine sacrifice after his thirtieth birthday. But no one knows about the early life of the Son of God, the missing years -- except Biff, the Messiah's best bud, who has been resurrected to tell the story in the divinely hilarious yet heartfelt work "reminiscent of Vonnegut and Douglas Adams" (Philadelphia Inquirer).Verily, the story Biff has to tell is a miraculous one, filled with remarkable journeys, magic, healings, kung fu, corpse reanimations, demons, and hot babes. Even the considerable wiles and devotion of the Savior's pal may not be enough to divert Joshua from his tragic destiny. But there's no one who loves Josh more -- except maybe "Maggie," Mary of Magdala -- and Biff isn't about to let his extraordinary pal suffer and ascend without a fight.
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1. Did you find Lamb to be fairly true to the Bible as you know it? Did you learn anything from Lamb? Do you find reading the Bible enjoyable?2. Early in the book, Biff writes about "little-boy love," describing it as " ... the cleanest pain I've ever known. Love without desire, or conditions, or limits -- a pure and radiant glow in the heart that could make me giddy and sad and glorious all at once." Do you understand what he's saying? Have you ever experienced that kind of love?3. Would Joshua have made it to maturity without Biff? Do you think Jesus had any human -- not divine help in becoming who he was? Is Moore making a statement about historical facts in the Bible, or about the value of friendship in general?4. Were you offended by this book in any way? There's so much here that Moore could almost be called an "equal opportunity offender." Did you find that some parts bothered you, while others didn't? Did he go too far, in any way? Not far enough? 5. At one point, Biff asks, "Are all women stronger and better than me?" and josh answers, "Yes." Do you think Moore believes this? Do you think Christianity teaches this? From what you know about other world religions, how does the role of women differ in each?6. Did you recognize any moments in your own development as you heard the story of Christ's? Do you relate to the character of Josh? Does this story of "Josh" make you feel any differently about Jesus as a human being?
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"An instant classic...terrific, funny and poignant."
—Rocky Mountain News

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Bookclub At Lori's

We had a very nice evening at Lori's house. After another in a series of lousy weather days (it snowed in Cheney and Airway Heights yesterday), the evening turned sunny and fairly warm. Lori had her wood burning bowl going and the BBQ cooking as we arrived. Everyone was there except for Candace (we missed you Candace!) and only Lori had completed the book. Julie and Joe were part way. Since it was non-fiction it was easy to talk about the book and its relation to current world events. The readers agreed that the writing style was a bit ponderous but Lori said that it was worth it in the final analysis. We had Longhorn BBQ sausages, shish-ka-bob veggies and chicken as well as cole slaw, all very yummy! Oh, and beer.
The clouds moved in and the wind came up so we moved inside to finish our discussion and decide on the next book. At Julie's suggestion we chose "Lamb; The Gospel According to Biff" which she described as an irreverant and very humerous look at Jesus' early life. We also got to see some mid-storm setting sun-light and a wonderful double rainbow! Thanks Lori for a great time!