Thursday, September 17, 2009

'Seventh Son' Availability

Spokane Library system has 1 downtown, 2 at Shadle and 1 at Hillyard plus 3 mp3 CD's. County has 6 in various locations including Medical Lake and Spokane Valley. I tried downloading another version on my computer but all I got was the intro and the first few lines of the book. I am still techno-challenged in several areas but, hey, I can program my VCR still! (haha)

Photos From Lori's (9-16-2009)

That Lori Sure Can Grill!

We had a very nice time at Lori's house last evening and everyone made it! Great discussion and we just wish we could have known what the non-readers would have thought. Maybe you could read it and we could get your opinions at the next (special) bookclub gathering... kind of a continuation. We will have plenty of time for fun, serious discussion and making merry! Details to follow in the near future. Julie and I will be getting together soon to plan meals and activities. What do you all think of having the official bookclub meeting on the beach in front of the resort if the weather is nice on that Saturday???

Thanks Lori for the wonderful food and drink! You are Marvelous!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Way to go Sherman

Michelle sent this link about Sherman Alexie:

And by-the-way, Sherman's official website is 'for all things Sherman, all the time.'